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Angelo Napolitano

I love nature, problems, formulas, making calculations, evaluating integrals, performing experiments, cooking. I am full of imagination and creativity, very sensitive, empathetic and, although a bit introvert at first, I love making friends. To this, add my love for music and you get "Angelo"! I absolutely love Charlie Puth, my favourite singer! And I love singing and playing the piano!

Lightbulbs consume a certain amount of power, according to the formula P=VI

Voltage and current | What are they?

Voltage and current are two very important quantities that we want to monitor in circuits to exactly know what’s going on. But what are they, and what is the difference… Read more Voltage and current | What are they?

i-th root of i

In my previous post we talked about i^i and we evaluated it. We found that the result is a real number, although you would expect it to be complex since i is an imaginary number. Is this the case for the i-th root of i? First of all, let’s write this as a power: Now, this is can also be written as We already know what i^i equals therefore, This means it’s simply the inverse of i^i, and so it’s a real number as well! If you use a calculator… Read more i-th root of i